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Carpet comes in a myriad of styles and materials. How to install carpet, however, is rather universal.

After you have selected the carpet and padding you want, make sure you have the proper tools. In addition to a heavy-duty stapler, hammer, measuring tape and utility knife, there will be some specialty tools needed.

Among the tools of the carpet trade are the carpet stretcher, the kicker and the carpet iron. If you are not familiar with these items, the staff at One Stop Rental will be happy to rent them to you and give you a crash course on their use.

Installing Carpet

Installing Carpet

Step 1: Remove baseboards from around the room and nail down tackless strips. Make sure the teeth on the strips are bent toward the wall. Leave a ½-inch gap between the strip and the wall.

Step 2: Lay the pad down and trim to the front of the tackless strips. Staple the pad down and use duct tape to join and seal the seam in between sheets.

Step 3: Roll out the carpet and leave several inches of overhang against the wall. Mark and trim off the overhang with a utility knife so the carpet is flush with the wall.

Step 4: Join adjacent lengths of carpet using seaming tape. Run a piece of tape down the center of the seam under the carpet. Using a seaming iron, heat the tape to activate the adhesive and allow both sides of carpet to fall on the tape. Use a roller to make sure the two sides stick well to the tape. Do not use the iron over the carpet or it can damage the fibers.

Step 5: Using the kicker, place it about three inches from the wall. Press down on the kicker and with your knee strike the padded part of the kicker to stretch the carpet onto the teeth of the tackless strips.

Step 6:  Use the carpet stretcher to stretch the carpet even tighter to prevent any bulges.

Step 7: Trim the excess carpet after it has been stretched using a utility knife or a carpet trimmer.

Step 8: Using a flat, wide chisel, tuck the carpet along the wall and under the drywall if possible.

Step 9: Replace the baseboards and install edge strips along doorways.

Step 10: Take a deep breath. Lie on the carpet and make carpet angels.

We’ve Got What You Need

Installing carpet can be a satisfying do-it-yourself project as long as you have the proper tools and technique.

For information of carpet installation and all your rental needs, contact One Stop Rental today.