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While watching a movie indoors might be easier, the extra effort you put into watching a movie outdoors is worth the effort. Watching a movie under the stars is a great way to spend your evening, and makes for a great party experience as well. An outdoor movie screen rental will provide you with the necessary equipment, and following these tips will help you create the best possible experience.

Set Up Comfy Seating

What will you and your guests sit on? You have a few options for planning this aspect of the evening. Will you set up seating beforehand or will guests be expected to bring their own seats? What kind of seating will you use? Picnic blankets are easy and quick, but many people may find them too uncomfortable. Stadium or lawn chairs are another option. If you’re inviting a crowd, renting chairs may be the most logical solution.

Prepare Fun Snacks

What would movie night be without something to munch on? Popcorn is the traditional movie snack, and there are tons of recipes with fun variations for you to try. You may want to consider renting a popcorn machine. Chips, veggies and dip, Chex mix, trail mix, and cookies are other options for you to consider. To serve the snacks, you’ll want to set up a table in an area which will remain fairly well lit. Provide bowls or sturdy plates for your guests, and encourage them to serve themselves generously before the movie begins so as to minimize the need to get up while the film is playing.


Have Plenty of Drinks

Everyone is sure to be thirsty after munching on popcorn, so you’ll want to have drinks on hand! Fill a cooler with ice and your favorite drinks — sodas, water, lemonade, and fruit juice are all great family-friendly options. If you’re planning to serve adult beverages, make sure they’re in a separate cooler and kept away from the kids.

Guard Against Distractions

Nobody enjoys sitting outside while bugs are biting, so be sure to have plenty of insect repellent on hand – and make sure people use it too. If you’ve got family pets, it’s a good idea to keep them indoors or contained so they don’t damage your equipment or distract your guests.

Double-Check Your Gear

When it’s time to watch the movie, you’ll want all of your outdoor movie screen rental gear to work properly right away, so it’s important to test it out beforehand and make sure you’ve got everything you need. One Stop Rental’s entertainment package comes with projector, big screen and speaker system. It’s wise to test the position of the projector, speakers, and screen and make sure you know how to operate them. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure you have any necessary extension cords on hand as well.

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What do you think of these tips for your next outdoor party? Comment below if you have ideas of your own.