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Yard work is a year-round proposition. Although the bulk of lawn care and gardening activities take place during the warmer months, there are still plenty of areas that need attention as we round the bend toward winter.

Fall is typically a very busy period for yard work as we break out a different set of lawn and garden tools in preparation for winter. It is an optimal time of year for sowing; specifically, seeding the lawn and planting spring-blooming seeds and bulbs in the garden.

When the soil supporting your lawn hardens or becomes compacted due to heavy traffic or dry conditions, aerating will allow it to “breathe,” and be ready for seeding. There are several different types of aerators. The most effective is the kind that pulls plugs of soil out of the ground, creating small holes throughout the yard. Once aerated, seeds and fertilizer can then be applied to the lawn.

Around the same time you aerate the lawn, run a tiller over your garden to loosen the soil and turn over any excess plant material from the season before. Mix in peat moss and fertilizers when planting bulbs and seeds. Then cover them up with loose dirt and a few inches of mulch or compost.

Taking these steps will protect seeds and bulbs and allow them to develop healthy root systems. The fruits of your fall labor will be realized as the lawn grows rich and thick, and your garden begins to flourish when the warm weather rolls back around. If you do not own a tiller or an aerator, your local tool rental or equipment rental outlet will likely be able to accommodate your needs.



Written and Published by One Stop Rental