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It’s time to get your winter thaw home maintenance plan into action as the cold and snow soon become distant memories.

Give your home a once over. Inspect the exterior and make certain there is no damage to the siding or roof. If there is, you may need to rent a nail gun to reattach or replace roof tiles or secure damaged siding.

A thorough power washing of the home’s exterior, decks and the driveway will get your home started fresh for spring. Check decks for warped or loose boards.

Aerators make it easy to get nutrients to your lawn's roots!

Lawn And Garden

Your landscape has taken a hit from winter. You can help bring it back to lushness by taking steps early.

Trim back those evergreens for a fuller plant in the summer. Prune deciduous plants in winter.

Your lawn is going to need special attention. First thing you need to do is clear all the dead grass and roots that didn’t make it through the winter. A thatcher will make quick work of the job.

Now that you’ve cleared your lawn of what was choking it, make it easier for it to breathe with an aerator.  The aerator’s tines poke small holes into the ground making it easier for air, water and nutrients to travel to the roots.

After aerating the soil, it’s time to add new seed. Overseeding, as it is called, helps fill out your lawn and replace what died during the winter. There are several methods of spreading seed, but the most efficient and effective way is to use a power seeder.

Power seeders drop seeds in the ground via blades that cut into the dirt. Using a power seeder can increase your germination rate by up to 70 percent over seeders that spread seeds on top of the grass.

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