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We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “The tools make the man.” The old cliché still holds true today. No self-respecting handyman tries to complete a project without getting the right tools. At the same time, most people don’t think about renting the tools rather than purchasing them.

At One Stop Rental of West Chester/Mason, Ohio, we know how much easier it is to accomplish a job when armed with the proper tools. We also know you can save money by renting tools instead of buying them. Keep reading to learn more about some of our tools.

Here are some basic rentals for the everyday handyman.

Wheel Barrow Carrying Tools

  • Saw—A smaller model cross-cut hand saw will work for most projects. The smaller size is recommended to fit in an average toolbox.
  • Ladder—In order to clean roof and gutters, you’ll want to get a good ladder. Stay safe and get a strong one, and make sure to test it before climbing all the way to the top.
  • Wheel Barrow—Carrying chopped wood, leaves or other debris? A wheel barrow is great for moving these objects, as well as for carrying sets of tools from one place to another.
  • Drill—An electric and cordless drill with several different drill bits should suit almost any project you have in mind.

Whether you’re building a shed or fixing a few things around the house, any everyday handyman will be more successful when armed with these basic tool rentals. While this list doesn’t cover every tool you might need, it does take care of the most important. Save money and hassle by renting tools for your next household project.

Our team at One Stop Rental of Liberty/Fairfield Township, Ohio is committed to providing high-quality party and equipment rentals for your next event or DIY project. For more information about our rentals, contact us or get in touch via social media.

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