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Basic Woodworking Tools

The art of carving and building wooden structures, known as woodworking, has been around for thousands of years. Over this time, certain tools have developed to make the job both faster and easier.

At One Stop Rental in Liberty/Fairfield Township, OH, we have many of the supplies you’ll need to begin a woodworking project. Read on to learn more about how to use these tools to create your wooden masterpiece.


Possibly the simplest tool, but one of the most invaluable for a woodworker, the hammer is a must-have. Used to drive nails, chisels or to knock joins together, the hammer’s blunt force is necessary for practically any woodworking project. Two popular hammers for woodworking include the claw hammer and the carpenters hammer.  The claw hammer includes a flat side for pounding and a clawed side for removing nails. The carpenters hammer, on the other hand, has one flat side and one convex side. The convex side is particularly useful for driving nails below the surface of the wood.


Chisels are used for everything from heavy-duty chopping to light, intricate carving. With many shapes and styles to choose from, you can carve out practically any design you want. The key is to make sure your chisel is sharp. Practically no chisel will be sharp enough straight off the shelf, so take time to make sure it is in tip-top shape before starting your woodworking project.



While handsaws still have their benefits, today powered versions have taken over. Circular saws, chop saws and table saws all help cut clean lines quickly.

Some cautionary tips before using your power saw:

  • wear eye protection
  • choose the correct blade
  • put the blade on in the right direction
  • push your saw through the board while your blade is pushing in the opposite direction


A router is a tool used to cut, trim and shape wood. It’s the tool that gives your woodworking project its finished edges and contours. The benefit of a router is that it can cut a continuous, even pattern on your woodworking project that would be incredibly tedious to do by hand. Routers can also be used for cutting some connective joints, making for a tighter more precise fit.


Sandpaper’s best friend, a sander is a power tool that utilizes sandpaper to smooth surfaces. A sander utilizes an attached sandpaper disk which revolves at a high speed, making for much quicker sanding than its manual alternative. Sanding is a crucial step at the end of any woodworking project as it helps you avoid splinters, jagged edges and a dull finish.

These basic tools are a necessity for practically any woodworking project. Stop by One Stop Rental in the greater Cincinnati area to pick up your woodworking tools today! We’d love to help you find the tools you need for your next carpentry project. Share what you’ve created with us on any of our social channels!