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Few moments are as peaceful and serene as gazing out the window on a cold winter’s evening to witness a heavy snowfall. Then reality starts to sink in, and we begin to think about such things as the road conditions for our morning commute and the cleanup. Might a trip to the Bobcat rental store be in order?

The Bobcat Rental Option

Depending on the location, the amount of snow we encounter each winter will vary. The Midwest usually measures its snowfall in inches, while the northernmost regions of the country often measure snowfall in feet.

At times, weather can throw a curveball and unexpectedly dump a foot or more of snow in a given area. But regardless, digging out from underneath a significant snowfall can be a burdensome task. Especially for those with large lots or long walkways or driveways, even using a heavy duty walk-behind snowblower can be time-consuming and physically demanding.

Fortunately, the Bobcat Company has a number of solutions available for homeowners and contractors faced with having to remove snow that is deep or covers a large area. A number of Bobcat’s compact tractors, track loaders and utility vehicles are built with snow removal in mind. Buckets and dozer blades come standard with some Bobcat equipment. But many Bobcat vehicles are readily adaptable for snow blade and powerful rear-mounted snow blower attachments.

Of course, not everyone has a Bobcat in their garage or shed. With that understanding, many equipment and tool rental companies around the country have Bobcat machinery available for lease or rent. No matter the amount of snow a storm may leave behind, when it comes to cleanup, using a Bobcat will lighten your load considerably.



Written and Published by One Stop Rental