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With computer circuitry and processing power being a good example, an almost sure sign of the evolution of a tool, device or piece of equipment is seeing new models becoming smaller and more compact.

Of course, a reduction in size doesn’t mean that a tool or device possesses any less power. On the contrary, consider the fact that we can now hold in one hand the amount of computing power that it used to take an entire room to contain. And along these same lines, just talk to an experienced customer service representative at a Bobcat dealer or a tool rental store about the capabilities of the latest generation of mini excavators.

“Mini” Doesn’t Mean Less Powerful

Don’t be fooled by the name. Mini excavators are powerful pieces of equipment that can be used to accomplish many of the tasks that were once reserved for larger machines. In fact, in many ways these small-but-mighty machines are more effective than larger backhoes or tractors, not only in their ability to get a wide range of jobs done, but also in the convenience that they provide.

Among the advantages that today’s mini excavators offer are superior range of motion and enhanced visual capabilities. The cab on mini excavators can rotate 360 degrees, as opposed to the limited ranges of many larger machines. Also, mini excavators are built to better accommodate the operator’s sightlines, making it much easier for them to see the machine’s boom and attachments, and monitor their work.

Another important benefit that mini excavators offer over larger equipment is maneuverability. These machines are not only able to make their way into tight or narrow workspaces and operate effectively within them, but they can also fit through fences, gates and other openings between homes that may not be accessible to larger tractors or backhoes.

Mini excavators also have rubber tracks instead of tires for a smoother ride and a better grip on all types of terrain. These machines are flexible, relatively quiet and are powerful enough to perform just about any earth-moving, lifting, drilling, hammering or digging job imaginable. Although it would be rather impractical for many homeowners to actually purchase a machine such as this, fortunately, they are available at many Bobcat rental outlets around the country.