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If you’re a parent, you know that bounce houses are up there next to piñatas and ice cream on the list of things kids love at a party. And unlike the second two, bounce houses provide some healthy exercise! (Let’s try to burn off as much of that sugar-energy as we can).

At One Stop Rental in the greater Cincinnati, OH area, we have numerous inflatable options for your child’s next birthday or for a fun outdoor get-together. To ensure you get the most out of our bounce houses, here are some set-up and safety tips to follow.

Bounce House Set-Up

Stake All Bounce House Corners

Begin by laying the provided tarp out on a flat surface. Next, take the rolled up bounce house and undo all the straps. You can then unroll the bounce house directly on top of the tarp. Once the bounce house is laid out flat, stake all corners. This step is crucial! If your bounce house is not properly staked it could end up toppling. Once securely staked, strap the blower into one of the two air inlet tubes and close off the second air inlet tube with the attached strap. Turn on the blower and watch your bounce house inflate!

Bounce House Deflation

Taking down the bounce house is incredibly easy. Start by removing the blower and opening both air tubes. Make sure to smooth the vinyl as the bounce house is deflating to reduce bunching when it is rolled back up. Once completely deflated, begin folding up the bounce house. A 13 by 13 foot bounce house should be folded in thirds and a 15 by 15 foot bounce house should be folded in fourths. Once folded, roll up the bounce house, strap the roll together and place the bouncer back into its protective bag.

Bounce House Safety

Have Each Age Group Play Separately

Following bounce house safety rules should be of the utmost priority. Injuries most often occur when these inflatables aren’t being used correctly. To ensure your child has a fun and safe experience, follow these tips and safety rules:

  • Have each age group play separately. This way you’ll avoid trampling and collisions between small and large children.
  • Have all children wear socks with treads. Perhaps find these socks with funky designs and give them out as party favors.
  • Remove shoes, jewelry and any other objects that may puncture the bounce house. This one is a no-brainer.
  • Stake your tent! We cannot emphasize this enough.
  • Always have a supervisor. If you think parents will be too busy socializing, consider hiring a babysitter for the day to keep an eye on the kids.
  • Do not use the bounce house on a windy day. If wind speeds are 20 to 25 miles per hour, it’s time to deflate! Don’t have a wind gauge? If your hair is flying and you can’t keep the paper plates on the table, that’s a good indicator that the wind is too strong.

With proper set up and safety precautions, your kids can have a fantastic time in any of our bounce houses. Stop by One Stop Rental in West Chester, Ohio in the greater Cincinnati area to rent one for your next party. You can also reach us any time on our social media channels.