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If you are planning a project, you’re going to need tools. Usually, the first question is whether to buy or rent what you need. While weighing this choice, remember you can often buy used rental equipment at reduced prices.

The guidelines for buying vs. renting tools are simple: If the project requires constant maintenance, then you may want to buy. Otherwise, rent.

Buying Options
There are several factors a buyer should consider when it comes to purchasing any type of equipment. After narrowing in on what you need, the most important factors in your final decision are quality and price.

Man using a stump grinder.

You have three main options when buying: new, pre-owned or used rental equipment. A new item has no initial wear; however, the cost is usually much higher than a used item. Pre-owned equipment has a low price point, but its longevity and wear are unknown. In between these two options is used rental equipment.

Benefits of Buying Rental Equipment
In addition to a low price point, a piece of rental equipment typically has less hours of use than a commercially owned piece of equipment. Rental equipment is usually checked out for private use rather than commercial use. So because they are not often used for commercial or industrial purposes, there is lighter wear and tear. Rental equipment is inspected and serviced after a customer returns it to ensure that it is fully functional.

Sometimes, however, you may have only a short-term need for a particular tool. If you are not ready to make a purchase, you can always check out our rental selection. In addition to tools and equipment, we also carry party and entertainment setups, like bounce houses for children and stages for live acts. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates for all our equipment.

No matter what your rental question, One Stop Rental has your answer. For information about our products and services, feel free to contact us today.