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Any time you throw an outdoor event, it’s always a safe bet to rent a tent for the occasion. Nothing ruins an outdoor party quicker than inclement weather. At One Stop Rental in the greater Cincinnati area, we provide durable tents in multiple sizes that are perfect for just such an occasion.

Setting them up is easier than you think! With a little help from a friend and by following our tips, you’ll be up and running in no time. We’ll even tell you the easiest way to take it down when the party’s over.

Staking Your One Stop Rental Tent

Stake Your Tents

To ensure that your tent will stand up to any wind or clumsy guests, you’ll need to stake them down. The stakes, along with the poles and tent, are provided by One Stop Rental, so the only additional thing you’ll need is a sledge hammer. An ordinary hammer will not work for driving the stakes into the ground as it is too light. If you do not have a sledge hammer handy, don’t worry, we have those for rent too.

First, lay the tent flat on the ground. Next, take one of the side support poles, which come in two segments, and lay one segment perpendicular to the tent, aligning it with one of the grommet holes. No need for measuring, simply place a stake at the end of the support pole, opposite of the end aligned with the grommet. At each corner of the tent, you’ll need to set two stakes at 90-degree angles to each other. You’ll notice a rope with a metal ring is attached to each grommet. Before driving the stake into the ground, place it through the metal ring on the rope.

Using your sledge hammer, strike the stake until it is about ¾ of the way into the ground. You do not want to hammer it all the way in or else it will be incredibly difficult to remove. Place a stake across from each grommet on the tent.

Setting-Up the One Stop Rental Tent

Put Tension on Support Poles

Once all of your stakes are in place, put together all the support poles. The outside support poles will be in two pieces while the center support poles will be in three pieces. Place the poles inside the grommets on the tent and erect them, leaning the pole slightly away from the center of the tent.

Put tension on the poles by taking the ropes attached from the tent to the stake and tightening them using the rope tensioner located on each rope. When you release the rope tensioner, it will stay in place. Erect the corner poles first, followed by side posts. Once all outer posts are in place, you can re-angle them so that they are straight up and down. Finally, place the center poles in their proper positions.

Taking Down the One Stop Rental Tent

Luckily, taking down the tent is the easy part. No one likes a long clean-up process after a party. Start by simply removing the center poles and then the surrounding outer poles. To remove the stakes, take your sledge hammer and tap the edges until it begins to wiggle loose. For stakes that have been driven too far into the ground, you may need to use a crowbar to pull them up.

Take the ropes and toss them on top of the tent so they will be contained when you fold it. Take the shorter end of the tent and fold it in half, then repeat until you have folded it four times. Finally, fold it in the opposite direction until it is small enough to fit in its bag.

It doesn’t get much easier; anyone can set up one of our tents. For a visual explanation, check out our tent assembly video on our YouTube channel.

Visit us at One Stop Rental in West Chester, OH to rent the perfect sized tent for your outdoor event. You can also give us a call or chat with us on social media if you have any questions.