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It’s almost spring, which means tree planting season. It’s easy enough to find a tree and put it in the ground, but what about maintaining it? How can you keep it healthy?

At One Stop Rental in West Chester or Liberty/Fairfield Township, Ohio, we have all the tools and equipment for you to rent in order to maintain your yard. Keep reading to find out how to take care of your trees.

Watering Is a Major Part of Tree Maintenance

For any newly planted tree, the key to survival is adequate watering. Most adequately draining soils need about five gallons of water. Fast draining soils might need more frequent watering, while slow draining soils will need much less. When watering your tree, you should use a watering can or rent a garden hose to thoroughly soak the soil.

Pruning Is Also Part of Tree Maintenance

Pruning Trees

In addition to watering the tree, you should make sure to prune it on a regular basis. When you prune, only cut away critical branches that are dead or broken. Beware of cutting too much because you might hamper the growth of the tree. Through One Stop Rental, you can rent tree trimmers for pruning and maintaining your backyard plant life.

Mulching Is Vital to Successful Tree Maintenance

Once you’ve planted your tree, watered and pruned it, you might want to lay down some mulch. This material is a huge asset to tree growth. Mulch insulates the soil from extreme temperatures, protects tree roots, retains moisture and keeps out weeds. If you want to spread some mulch around your tree, make sure to keep it away from the trunk. Spread it out from three feet to ten feet, depending on the size of the tree. The depth of the mulch should be about three to four inches.

Planting a tree and seeing it grow and survive is so rewarding. In order to reap the benefits, you’ve got to put in some hard work. With water, pruning and a little bit of mulch, your newly planted tree will be thriving in no time.

One Stop Rental, servicing the greater Cincinnati area, has everything you need for yard work, home improvement or hosting a party. Contact us to find out more about our rentals. If you want to share your tree maintenance tips, feel free to connect with us on social media.

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