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You don’t want the summer to end without having accomplished a few outdoor projects, right? Here are a few DIY projects you can tackle before the month is over.

If it’s unreasonably hot where you live, consider getting things done on your front or back porch. You can work outside, but you’ll have the shade at your advantage.

One project to accomplish is updating your front or back entry. Maybe it could use a fresh coat of paint, some window boxes for flowers, or new light fixtures. These are simple jobs that will make a big difference.

Another project you could complete in the shade is to power wash, or pressure wash, your decks. Doing this will not only be good for the wood, but it will give your home an update with just a little labor, and only the cost of renting a pressure washer.

If you’re willing to get away from the house and out into the yard, think about creating or updating any walkways you have. Clean bricks or stepping stones using a pressure washer to give it a fresh look.

You can create a walkway using a variety of materials such as bricks, pavers, flagstone, granite slabs, rocks, or faux stone products.

If you’ve got any concrete structures or pathways in or around your yard, think about cleaning them and adding a coat of colorful paint.

If you’ve got a fence around your yard, perhaps that could use some cleaning, or even a coat of paint to add a pop of color to the outdoors. Don’t have a fence? Build one!

If you’re in the market for a bigger project, what about building a shed for extra storage? Building it yourself means it’s custom, and you could make it the exact size you need, and of course all of the cosmetic details are yours to choose.