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There are many methods out there to remove wallpaper, including using soapy water, harsh chemicals and even baking soda. But it’s probably easiest to just steam wallpaper away.

It’s going to take effort, wallpaper removal always does, but using steam is probably the least painful – mentally speaking – of the other methods.

For those who may not know, steam is very hot. Be careful when working with a steamer and always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

No matter which model you choose, all steamers work on the same principal. Water is heated until it becomes water vapor. The water vapor then travels to a handle that is placed over a small section of the wallpaper. The steam is allowed to penetrate the paper until the backing glue becomes loose. A scraper will easily remove the section.

Steam Away Wallpaper

It’s Not a Fast Job

Removing wallpaper from a room in small rectangular sections will take some time. To speed up the process a little, you can use a wallpaper perforator. The perforator is run over the wallpaper to make a series of little holes. The holes make it easier for the vapor to loosen the glue when you steam wallpaper.

If you want to remove vinyl-covered wallpaper, try to tear the vinyl layer off first. That exposes the paper and glue backing and there is no need to use a perforator. Be careful not to rip too hard or you may damage the drywall underneath the wallpaper.

After the top vinyl layer is gone, the steam will more evenly and easily remove the backing paper and glue.

It’s Not a Clean Job

Handling glue-covered paper is going to get sticky. There will be lots of little pieces of sticky paper all over the place and probably a bit of dripping as the vapor condenses back to water. Try to minimize the mess by using drop cloths around your work area and placing removed paper immediately into a garbage bag.

After you steam wallpaper away, you are left with a clean canvas to either paint or re-wallpaper. While not an easy job, it can be a rewarding one. For information about wallpaper steamers and your other rental needs, contact us at One Stop Rental today.