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Take advantage of the cooler weather to get a few projects done around your house, before winter hits and it’s too cold. These projects are easy enough to complete yourself and they’ll save you a little bit of money going into the winter season.

Start by checking your furnace. It’s a smart idea to have a professional visit your home and make sure your furnace is ready for winter. Heating professionals are busier in the winter, and you don’t want to be without heat if it’s freezing outside. Also, use this time to change your air filter before the heat kicks on.

Prep pipes for winter. Wrapping insulation around your pipes keeps them warmer, which saves on energy and will help keep your pipes from freezing. If you can’t wrap all of your pipes, go for the ones that are exposed or located in colder, un-insulated areas, such as a basement or a crawlspace.

Take a look at your windows. Start by giving them a good clean by vacuuming them and wiping off any dirt. Check the weather-stripping to see if it needs replacing. Look for any gaps or holes around the glass where cold air could enter. Caulk these gaps to help keep your home warm.

Clean the gutters. The last thing you want is a gutter full of ice and other debris this winter. Use a ladder to look in the gutters and see if they need cleaning. Remove any leaves, branches, or other debris that might have collected in them. If needed, use water hose to rinse them out.

Have the roof checked. Many professionals will look at your roof for no cost, to see if there are any repairs that need to be completed before winter hits.

Completing these projects now will not only save you some money, but keep you from worry when the colder months arrive.