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How are Rental Rates Determined?
Rental charges are based upon the length of time the equipment is on rent.   This can be our minimum of 4 hours, daily, weekly or monthly.

Party rental rates are based on a single day event and generally allow for pick up one day prior to the event and return the day following the event.

All equipment with hour meters have rental rates that includes 10 hours of running time in a 24 hour period.  Any meter time over 10 hours will be prorated accordingly.

1 Day Rental- 24 hours with 10 hours of running time
1 Week Rental- 7 days with 40 hours of running time
1 Month Rental- 28 days with 160 hours of running time

When are Payments Due, Are Deposits Required?
Payment is due up front at time of pick up.  Customer must have valid state I.D. and credit card for rental transaction.  We accept all major credit cards.

If a reservation is made for a party item over $50, we require a deposit of 50% of the rental to hold.  The remaining balance would be due at time of pick up or delivery.  If cancellation is not made within 72 hours of the scheduled pick up or delivery time, deposits will be forfeited.

How Do You Charge for Weekends and Holidays?
Weekend and Holiday Rentals are handled as follows:

Equipment rented on a Saturday (or the day before a holiday) before 1:00 pm, we charge 1-1/2 day’s rent if the equipment is returned by 9:00 am on the following business day.

For items rented on a Saturday (or the day before a holiday) after 1:00 pm, we charge a
1 day rental if the equipment is returned by 9:00 am on the following business day.

For Aerators, Seeder, and Thatchers during April, May, September and October this policy is varied.  Please call for details.

Do You Offer Delivery/Pick Up?
Yes, One Stop can delivery and pick up items for your convenience.  Customer must be at the delivery location at time of drop off to sign rental contract and must call to confirm pick up.  Rates depend on the items rented and proximity to our store location(s).

For party items, we offer two types of delivery.

Standard Delivery – The lowest cost form of delivery. Your rental items are delivered neatly stacked to a point immediately accessible to our truck tailgate, usually your driveway or garage.

Custom Delivery – Your rental items will be carried to and from a place beyond the truck tailgate, and if you wish, set up and taken down. Please contact us in advance of delivery/pickup to arrange for these services so that your delivery will be appropriately scheduled and staffed. The fee for a custom delivery is determined by the time required.

Can you Help with Loading and Unloading?
Our helpful staff can definitely assist with loading and unloading of equipment, however, One Stop Rental is not responsible for any damage done to vehicles during loading or unloading.
Do you Offer Product Instructions?
Our staff offers operational demonstrations of rental items at the time of rental.  Some items will even have product instructions available on our website for you to view and/or print.  If you have rented an item and are experiencing problems, please call our store immediately so we can assist with troubleshooting or check our website for product instructions.  If after hours, you may leave a message and we will call you first thing the following business day.
Do you Offer Damage Waiver?
Damage Waiver is offered for 10% of the rental charge and relieves the renter of liability for accidental damage to rented items.  It is optional but for many items it is suggested because it protects you against unwanted replacement and repair charges if damage occurs.
Do I need to show Proof of Insurance?
All rented equipment is the responsibility of the person signed on the rental contract.  Our insurance does not cover for any damage done to the equipment, theft or loss.  A certificate of Insurance naming One Stop Rental may be required at time of rental.
What size load can I tow with my vehicle?
Please refer to your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s towing capacities.  We can then ensure that the towing capacities of your vehicle and hitch are adequate to tow the intended load. We reserve the right to refuse a rental due to safety concerns.
I am planning to dig on my property. Do I need to call someone first?
Yes. Before digging you must call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) to have your property marked. They can be reached at 1-800-362-2764.
Do you have an enlarged version of the terms & conditions for the One Stop Rental contract?