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Mixing concrete seems simple enough: Add water to premixed concrete and stir.

But as most of us who have mixed concrete by hand know, getting a consistent mix can be a challenge. A bad mix is usually only apparent when a clump of dry concrete falls out of the bottom of the bucket.

If you’re only using a bag or two of concrete to replace a couple of fence posts, then you could get away with iffy mixing. But if you want to install a walkway or tackle another large project, renting a cement mixer is essential.

The Importance of Proper Mixing

Concrete is made up mostly of sand and other filler material. The actual cement chemically reacts with water causing it to eventually harden. Mixing the cement thoroughly with the filler material until it’s a consistent color and texture is essential to form strong bonds and produce long-lasting concrete.

Mixing Concrete

The basics of mixing concrete:

  1. Make sure the concrete mixer is in the locked, upright position or the contents could spill out.
  2. Add the amount of water recommended for the mix to the mixer first
  3. Add the dry material to the mixer slowly to avoid creating too much dust.
  4. Start the mixer and allow it to turn for several minutes until the concrete is thoroughly mixed.
  5. Pour the contents out of the mixer into a wheelbarrow or other container. Make sure to wash the mixer soon after the last use to avoid concrete from hardening inside.


When mixing concrete make sure to add just the right amount of water recommended by the manufacturer. Typically, the mix should not be soupy, but rather hold together well when formed into a ball.

If you’re not using a premix, the proper mix of sand, gravel and cement has to be added separately. Measuring the components, either by weight or volume, is critical to achieving a proper concrete. The steps for mixing are the same.

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