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Whether you are hauling a piece of equipment to a job site or towing a trailer load of debris to the landfill, knowing what your rental trailer and vehicle are capable of will save you headaches on the road.

Knowing how to tow a trailer will keep you and others safer on the road. Before renting a trailer make sure you follow these steps and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Keep your load evenly distributed for better control on the road.

  1. Know how much your vehicle can tow. If you try to tow more than recommended, you could be headed for disaster. Check your owner’s manual for this information. When calculating weight, don’t forget to include the trailer’s weight.
  2. Use a backup in case your hitch comes undone. Use chains to tie the trailer and the vehicle together. Make sure the chains are rated for the amount of weight on the trailer or they will easily snap. Always cross chains to allow the tongue of the trailer to land on the chains if it comes loose rather than on the pavement.
  3. Go slow. Give yourself plenty of time to react to changing road conditions and not-so-courteous drivers. Always remember you’re towing hundreds or thousands of pounds extra which require distance to bring to a safe halt.
  4. Balance your load. Keeping your load as evenly distributed as possible will allow you better control on the road.
  5. Give your rental trailer a once over. Before you even load the trailer, make sure to properly inflate trailer tires and check for wear or other damage. Also, check that the brake lights on the trailer are working properly.

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