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Keeping carpets clean is a struggle fought every day in many homes across the country. A rental carpet cleaner is a way to keep dirt at bay.

Carpet cleaners suggest you deep clean your carpet every six months to stay ahead of dirt and grime building up. But however long it’s been since the last deep cleaning, you may benefit from a few tips to make the results come out their best.

Move Furniture Out: The easiest way to get an even cleaning of you carpet is to remove all the furniture from the room you are going to clean. If you can’t move it out of the room, push it all to one side of the room. Once you’re done with one side, move all the furniture to the clean side.


Vacuum your carpet before using a carpet cleaner.

Vacuum First: Yeah, we hear you: “Why should I clean when I’m about to clean?” Just suck it up, literally. A thorough vacuuming picks up loose dirt which would be driven deeper into the pile by the carpet cleaner.

Test Strip: Test the cleaning solution you will be using in a hidden area of the carpet to make sure it does not cause discoloration of the carpet.

Slow and Steady: Carpet cleaners work by spraying water and cleaning solution onto the carpet. Don’t get into a rush or you won’t get good coverage. Be particularly deliberate when vacuuming the water, solution and dirt back up. The more of the liquid you get out of the carpet, the shorter the drying time.

Put on the Foil: When replacing your furniture, place squares of aluminum foil under each wooden leg. This prevents any moisture still in the carpet from seeping into the wood. P.S., you can remove the foil after the carpet fully dries.

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