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The only thing better than watching the big game on the big screen is to do so with a big group of your friends. That said, throwing an epic Super Bowl or March Madness party may sound like too much of a hassle if you’re not used to hosting events at your home. However, by incorporating a few simple ideas, you can throw the perfect game day party without having to spend too much money or do too much work.

Have guests bring their own chili for a “chili cook-off.” This provides both a fun party activity and a main course for your party meal, taking much of the burden off the host. Really, any type of potluck is a good idea for a sports party. An alternative potluck idea for beer lovers is to have guests bring some of their favorite brew to share.

Focus on finger foods. Veggie platters, cheese platters, chips and dip are all great foods for a game day party. For the most part, people just want some easy and tasty snacking while they watch the game, nothing too fancy.

Have guests dress in theme. Ask your partygoers to dress up representing their favorite team or player (i.e., in jerseys or team colors, or if they want to get more creative, with wigs, temporary tattoos, etc.). As for the host, consider dressing up like a referee – don’t forget the whistle to call out party fouls!

Have fun with the décor. Decorations for sports parties should be lighthearted and simple. Depending on the type of game you’ll be watching, consider the following ideas:

  • Cover your table with chalkboard contact paper and draw lines to represent the field/court using chalk and a ruler. Use it as a tablecloth and/or have guests use it to strategize their own plays!
  • To celebrate football and other games that take place on grass, cut up pieces of AstroTurf to make coasters or have a faux-grass tablecloth.
  • Use food and drinks as décor by setting up a Gatorade cooler for a game-time atmosphere or by serving some foods that resemble the game ball (for example, cookies decorated to look like basketballs)

Host your own game. Host a quick game of touch football or driveway basketball at half time or before the big game – your ref costume should come in handy for this!

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on any party rentals you need, such as chairs, outdoor heaters, or even an outdoor inflatable movie screen or inflatable bounce house for the kids. Contact One Stop Rental if for any questions about party supplies or rental specials for your big game day party!