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The first day of spring is still a little ways away, but even in the middle of winter, you can already start prepping your garden for spring and summer. In fact, now is the best time to get started on spring gardening plans. Here are some of the initial things you can do to get your yard ready for spring even before the snow melts.

Buy your seeds

Get some seed catalogs to browse and buy flower and fruit/vegetable seeds. You can also buy seeds online. Also read the descriptions and make sure you have everything you need to grow the plants you want for your garden. Keep in mind that cold weather crops like cabbage and spinach will need to go in the ground soon, before the weather gets too warm.

Start germinating seeds indoors

Once you have your seeds, you can start germinating them indoors to get your plants garden-ready before the frost date. Generally, with both flower and vegetable seeds, you want to allow two to three weeks to germinate and another two to three weeks to grow the plants large enough to transfer to the garden. Aim to start germinating your seeds by around mid-March for a late April plant date.

Put together your spring landscaping plans

In addition to adding plants, you may have more ambitious landscaping plans, such as outdoor construction or other projects requiring heavy equipment. These plans may range from anything from adding a fence or removing a tree stump, to building a gazebo or pouring concrete for a patio. With major projects, careful planning is key. Take some time to draft your plans (or hire a professional landscaper to do it) and secure any necessary permits.

Reserve your gardening equipment

Depending on what you want to do with your garden, you may need to rent some lawn and garden tools or other equipment in order to carry out your landscaping plans. This equipment may include seeders, thatchers, tillers, stump grinders, pavers, or other tools. Determine what equipment you need and reserve it in advance to make sure you have everything you need to start the project come springtime.

Not sure what tools or supplies you’ll need for your garden? Call One Stop Rental and we’ll be happy to provide you guidance on what type of equipment you need to put together for your perfect garden for spring and summer.