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The official first day of spring is March 20—only a few weeks away! If your lawn is looking rough after the long winter, don’t despair. With hard work and the right tools, you can regain control and get your yard ready for spring and all the beautiful things that come with it.

At One Stop Rental of West Chester/Mason, Ohio, we’re the “one stop” shop for all your party and equipment rental needs. Spring is coming and we want to help you prepare.

Follow these steps to get your yard ready for spring.

The easiest way to seed your  yard is with a seeder

  1. Dethatch. Before diving into planting or seeding your lawn, you need to remove any thatch that has built up. The word thatch refers to the layer of dead grass, roots and debris that accumulates between the soil’s surface and grass blades. You should dethatch your yard about once a year or whenever the thatch is ½ inch thick. Don’t want to dethatch by hand? Check out our dethatchers.
  2. Aerate. You should invest in an aerator as part of your lawn maintenance arsenal. Aeration perforates the soil with small holes to allow air, water and vital nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. In turn, it helps the roots grow and produces a stronger, more vigorous lawn.
  3. Seed. Once your soil is clear of debris and properly aerated, you’re ready to seed. The easiest way to do it is with a seeder, which sows seeds at an appropriate soil depth and leaves a space between rows of seeds. A slice seeder makes a cut in the lawn and drops seeds into the cuts so that the seeds come into full contact with the soil, rather than sitting on top where birds and other animals can eat it.

If you want to get your yard ready for spring, you need to get the proper tools. Consider renting your tools instead of purchasing them to save money and effort. You can use your savings to buy grass seed, flowers or an outside barbeque to show off your yard to your friends!

Our team at One Stop Rental of Liberty/Fairfield Township, Ohio wants to help you host your next party or complete your next DIY project. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us. You can also connect with us on social media.

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