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A great looking yard in spring starts in the fall with how you prepare your landscape for the cold months.

No matter the size of your yard, One Stop Rental has all the tools you need to get it ready for winter.

The biggest task, as usual, is the lawn. It will survive if left to its own devices through a frigid winter, but it will be worse for the wear come spring.

Getting as much oxygen and water to the roots through the cold months will pay off later. Using a mechanical aerator will open up those roots. Spreading a winter lawn food will deliver nutrients roots needed to stay healthy and strong during the winter.

Mulching for the Big Freeze

Mulch is often thought of as an ornamental addition to flower beds and around trees. But a fresh blanket of mulch before the first hard freeze will keep roots from being damaged.

There’s no need to get the fancy stuff. There is likely enough mulch already around your yard in the form of dead leaves. Using a blower or lawn vacuum to collect the leaves and spread a layer around perennial plants and young trees. Take care not to go too thick because it could trap water and cause rotting.

Before you mulch, take the time to clear dead or diseased plants and remove annuals.

Deciduous Plant Pruning

To Prune or Not to Prune

Some landscapers argue pruning should be done in spring to promote growth. Others say pruning during the dormant period for trees and shrubs is a no-brainer.

Deciduous plants – those that lose their leaves – will not be harmed by winter pruning. Evergreens – plants that do not fully lose their leaves – should be pruned during the growing season.

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