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For many types of celebrations, balloons are a fun and colorful way to add to the spirit of the event. As a decoration, balloons quickly add color to indoor or outdoor weddings, receptions or birthday parties. Kids love balloons, and the opportunity to create a special balloon for each child at your event will make it memorable for all of your guests. The bounce and loft of helium balloons adds a sense of magic, and they can be used in a multitude of ways to make your event special.

Balloons Make Parties Fun

When you rent helium tanks, you can fill many balloons and make them a central part of your event. Both latex and Mylar balloons can be used with helium, and adding ribbon means you can tie balloons to tables, chairs and other items so they will gracefully float above your guests. Helium balloons can be floated to the ceiling to provide a festive look above a room, and they can individually be created during your event to hand out to children.

Give Your Party A Lift With Helium Balloons!


Balloons Create a Festive Decor

Balloons are also an eye-catching centerpiece for tables, especially for a large event. You can have a balloon decoration for each table with a balloon bouquet or tie helium balloons to a floral centerpiece for a festive and colorful accent at each table. Tying balloons to the back of each chair is another simple way to ensure that the balloons remain in place and create an atmosphere of celebration. You can fill balloons with confetti before inflating them, and attach mementos to the strings to create a beautiful, personalized celebration.

It’s Easy to Rent Helium Tanks

When you rent helium tanks from One Stop Rental, you will also rent the inflator for a full set of balloon inflation equipment. Each tank will fill approximately 100 to 200 balloons, depending on their size. Because of limited helium supplies, the cost of each tank of helium may vary; please contact us to confirm current pricing.

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