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We know how long it takes to plan a wedding, so if you are planning a summer wedding, you should start your planning and preparation about now.

Picture this. You have been planning your summer wedding for months. You chose to do it outside because, let’s be honest, summer evenings in the Midwest are the perfect temperature and make the rest of the country incredibly jealous.

Everything is ready to go. You have your ceremony space beautifully decorated and the tent for the reception is up and filled with wonderful food and place settings. Then that morning while getting ready, it rains. It really rains!

This isn’t the worst that could have happened because at least it didn’t rain during the wedding. Now the ground is very wet and mushy. This is acceptable for the ceremony where everyone is sitting and walking to their seats isn’t too difficult. It does lead to one major problem: How will everyone dance?


Even under the tent the ground is tender and “cutting a rug” in heels will prove to be a challenge to even the most skilled dancer. So what can you do to fix this problem?

At One Stop Rental, we have the solution. We have two wonderful dance floor options for you that can save the day. The first is a set of 1×2-foot deck panels that you can use to fit whatever tent you have rented for your soiree. We also have a wood-colored 4×4 foot floor option that is best used for a more centralized area.

Need a place for the band? We also have a great stage available to make sure the party can keep going, no matter the weather!

With a good dance floor, your big day is sure to be a great one. Have a good wedding mishap story? Or are you currently planning a wedding? Send us a message today with your stories or tips for future brides. We would love to share them!