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Anyone who’s ever gotten a drill for Christmas or Father’s Day knows the gift will likely go unused for months if not years. Here’s how rental equipment saves money.

It’s been published that the average power tool gets used for between 30 to 60 minutes during its lifetime. Whether or not this is accurate, we all have personal stories of tools going largely unused. So, unless your job calls for routine use of power tools, it may be smarter to rent a tool when you need it rather than spending several hundred dollars to have it sit idle most of the time.

While there is an argument for owning a drill or a circular saw, it’s hard to justify buying a log splitter if you only use it one day a year. More specialized equipment should be rented.

Why Rent

In addition to saving money, renting equipment also comes with other benefits. One Stop Rental stocks the latest models of power tools and equipment. We maintain the tools so all you need to do is turn them on.

Our experienced staff knows how to use the tools and can give you tips on how best to approach a project.

One Stop Rental stocks the latest models of power tools to rent!

We have a selection of tools for all your DIY projects:

  • Floor Care: We have carpet steamers, carpet installation tools, hardwood floor sanders and polishers as well as the tools you need to install new hardwood floors.
  • Plumbing: We carry specialized pipe cutters, drain snakes and even cameras to inspect pipes for clogs or tree root incursion.
  • Painting and Decorating: We offer a full line of tools for all your painting and drywall needs, including paint sprayers and texture hoppers, interior scaffolding, and heat guns and steamers.

One Stop Rental can provide you with quality tools. Our qualified staff can help you select the equipment you need for your next project or event.

For more information about our products and services, feel free to contact us today.