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Sometimes it is difficult to decide if you need to polish or refinish your floor. The major difference between polishing and refinishing is that when you refinish a floor, you are completely removing the floor’s existing finish and replacing it. When you polish a floor, you are restoring the shine from a previous finish. One Stop Rental, servicing the greater Cincinnati area, wants to help you get the best polish on your floor. If you want to learn the best methods for polishing your floor, please read on.

How Often Should You Polish?

On average, you want to polish your floor every three to four months, depending on activity. If the room is used regularly, then you might have to polish sooner. With a few pieces of basic equipment, you can have your floor polished in no time. The polishing process will be different for every floor type. First, remove all the furniture from the room will make the job much easier to perform. Secondly, you will need to clean the floor; using a mop and broom. Make sure the floor is completely dry before you begin to polish. Remember to check the polish instructions, but most can be applied using a high-density foam roller, soft mop or applicator pad. How To Get The Best Polish On Your Floors

Types of Floors

Wood Floors

Wooden floors are one of the easier types to polish. Work in small sections to make sure you keep your applicator pad or roller wet. Make sure to go slowly along the grain of the wood to create a smooth and even coat. Use a feathering technique to avoid stripes or uneven polish. Plan your exit well – start in the back of the room and work the perimeter first.

Marble, Granite and Stone

These types of floors are slightly more difficult to polish than wooden ones. First, you will need to sand the floor with a silicon-carbide based pad. This will be then placed on a handheld drill or stone grinder. Start out with a low-grit pad around 24 to 60. Depending on your surface, progress slowly to a stronger grit pad, ranging from 120 to 400. If needed, you can even find grit pads up to 1,000.

Ceramic Tile

Polishing ceramic tile requires about one pound of ceramic tile polish for every 125 to 150 square feet. Apply the polish to the floor using a high-density foam roller or hand rag. Then, use a buffer rated around 175 rrevolutions per minute. If you desire, you can also apply the polish using the buffer pad. You should use a natural hair pad on the buffer to prevent damaging the floor. There are a lot of different floor types that can be polished. Creating the best polish for your floor can create a beautiful new and fresh look for any room. Be careful not to overdo it and research floor, polish and buffer pad types. One Stop Rental in West Chester or Liberty/Fairfield Township, Ohio would like to help you with your next floor polishing project. If you have questions or need rental equipment, we would be happy to help. Please contact us or reach out via social media.