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How to Host a Wicked Halloween Party

Halloween is that time of year when we’re excused from being grown-ups and are allowed to act a little mischievous. It’s a time to celebrate our inner kid, and what kid doesn’t like a party?

Hosting a frighteningly good Halloween party will delight your friends and family, and One Stop Rental is here to help. We are your party equipment rental experts in the greater Cincinnati area, so we know a thing or two about hosting a proper Halloween bash. Here are our party tips for this haunted holiday.

Planning Comes First

Do yourself a favor and sit down with a pen and paper and do some planning. This is the time to settle on your party basics. Who will you invite? Will it be a family affair or adults only? Where will the party be? Will everyone fit in your house or will festivities need to move outdoors. And when will it be? Once you’ve figured out the who, what, where and when, you can delve into the party details.

 Deciding on Décor

Your Halloween party décor is an important part of setting the mood. A few black and orange streamers and paper decorations are not going to cut it! One option for choosing party décor is to pick a theme. This can be something like zombies or movie monsters, or something even simpler like a black light party. If you’re throwing your party outdoors, you may want to consider renting a tent and heaters or fans to keep your guests comfortable in case of inclement weather. For the outdoor décor, string spooky lights around the trees and hang up some DIY ghosts. You can also make gravestones with guests’ names on them for an eerie touch.

Pick Your Food and Drink

Add Festive Treats

No matter what the occasion, guests are going to get hungry and thirsty mingling at a party. Halloween is the time to try out some off-the-wall frightening food and creepy cocktails. For a more family friendly party, where the spooks are turned down, use hollowed out pumpkins and other squashes as cute autumn-themed serving bowls. Let your imagination run wild when naming your food, with hotdogs becoming fingers, noodles as worms and deviled eggs with a slice olive for a pupil masquerading as eyeballs. For drinks, try arranging them over dry ice to create spooky smoke. You can also play with food coloring to make green, red, orange and black beverages.

Decide on a Soundtrack

Think about it: when you watch a horror movie on mute, it loses a lot of its scare-factor. For a truly spooky party, you need a sound mix with an element of surprise. We recommend renting sound equipment to make sure your carefully created soundtrack will sound as eerie as possible. While the main area of the party can play music, set up separate sound equipment in more secluded areas to play spine-chilling noises like ragged breathing or heavy footsteps.

For a ghoulishly good time, visit us at One Stop Rental in West Chester, OH to rent your Halloween party equipment. Tell us your own Halloween party ideas on any of our social channels. We can’t wait to hear them!