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An invisible fence is a great way to maintain an open green space around your home and protect your pet at the same time. You’ll need a few tools for this project, and your needs will vary depending on the terrain your fence needs to enclose.

Get Started

Determine the area you’re enclosing, and lay the wire out on top of the ground. If you’re only fencing a grassy area, you’ll need to cut the sod so you can bury the fence wire. Renting a wire layer will really speed up this process and cause less damage to your sod than cutting this line with a shovel or a hand edger.

Install your transmitter near an outlet in a well-ventilated area such as a garage. When mounting your transmitter, you’ll need to avoid large metal objects such as water heaters or freezers as these will interfere with signal consistency. Once it’s mounted, connect the fence wiring to the transmitter per the instructions of your unit.

Dog sitting on a front lawn.

Collar Time
Prepare the collar, but do not put it on your pet yet. You’ll want to determine the best boundaries to give your pet plenty of space to roam. The boundary can be set via the control knob on your invisible fence unit. Once the boundaries are set, test the collar to confirm it’s functioning to your needs.

Install your boundary flags every 10 feet around the perimeter of the newly laid fence. As your dog becomes accustomed to the collar and their space, you can remove the flags. Fit the collar on your dog before installing the batteries. The contact points need to touch your pet but make sure the collar is loose enough to allow you to insert one finger between the contact point and your pet’s skin.

Contact the professionals at One Stop Rental for information on wire laying cutters. Renting this easy to use tool will make installing your invisible fence project simple and fast.