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A skid steer loader is the multi-tool of heavy equipment. The solidly built mighty mite can switch attachments faster than a keyless chuck drill.

It can save hours of backbreaking work at a large site. Among its many attachments are augers, tillers, trenchers and pallet forks. The machine offers solid power and easy maneuverability. The compact size does not intimidate. It’s available in models with tires or tracks.

If you need to tackle a large landscape remodeling project or other excavation work, a skid steer loader is a good choice for you to rent.

Before starting the skid steer loader make sure the parking brake is engaged.

The machine’s operation is straightforward.

  • After doing an external check of the machine, climb into the seat and engage the safety bar or seat belt.
  • Always wear ear and eye protection when operating any mechanical equipment. Skid steer loaders are loud and can damage your hearing. The vehicles also don’t have fully enclosed cabs and debris can get through the grating.
  • Before starting the skid steer loader, make sure the parking brake is engaged. Once you start the engine, remember to disengage the parking brake.
  • A pair of levers, one on each side, is used to move the loader. They are intuitive in that moving both forward causes the loader to move forward. Pulling both back makes the loader move backwards. Pushing one lever forward, while pulling the other back causes the machine to turn. Note that if your left hand is forward, the loader turns right and vice versa.
  • The foot pedals operate the bucket or attachment on the loader. See the attachment’s details for specific operating instructions.

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