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Holiday party planning can be overwhelming and somewhat cumbersome. Don’t over think your holiday party planning this year. Let us show you how to break it down into a few easy steps. At One Stop Rental of Westchester, OH, we have the party supplies you need. Read on to learn more about holiday party planning.

Send Invitations

Invitations are one of the most important aspects of party planning. They don’t need to be super fancy or very expensive. However, they need to be sent out well in advance. There will be a lot of events during the holiday season, work parties, family gatherings and other holiday parties as well. Make sure your guests have ample time to plan their schedule and attend your party. Include an RSVP to have a better idea how many people are going to be attending.

Plan the Mood

Some simple tricks to plan the mood of your party are:

–          Fill a baking pan halfway with water and cinnamon. Set it in the oven before guests arrive to fill the house with a nice holiday smell.

–          Plug in some holiday lights to create a festive environment.

–          Have seasonal music playing softly in the background. Try to mix up seasonal songs with current or classics, to not over play the traditional songs.

Plan the Seating

Seating arrangements can be tricky and there are a few ways to tackle this objective. If you have the open space, you could arrange seating in one large room for everyone. This can sometimes be very loud and cluttered, depending on how many guests you invite. Another option is to create smaller seating areas that are more intimate. This will keep the volume level down and separate your guests so they aren’t speaking over one another. To keep coats and jackets from being laid around, rent a coat rack and place it near the front door.

Holiday Party

Plan the Dinner

Use finger foods for the appetizers. This will save on plates, silverware and time on clean up. For the dinner portion try to go with something you can cook ahead of time such as ham, turkey or lamb. Set your oven around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and use it to keep the food warm, this will free up valuable counter space. Small cakes and brownies make for easy and quick dessert options, too.

Remember to have fun with your holiday party. Try not to worry about all the little details and make sure to join your guests during the party and enjoy it with them.

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