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Spring cleaning. It’s a phrase we hear often around this time of year, but what all does it cover? When most people think of spring cleaning, they focus on making the inside of the house look good. The problem is that people don’t see the inside first.

Before you walk into a home, you notice the exterior. You want your home to make a good impression on visitors and neighbors. If the exterior of your house looks dingy, it might be time to think about pressure washing.

As your friendly neighborhood equipment rental supplier, we at One Stop Rental understand how important home maintenance is. We know you want to make your exterior shine, and we’re happy to help. Keep reading for our tips to help you pressure wash your house.

Prepare to Pressure Wash Your House

Before you pressure wash your house, make sure you’ve made all the necessary preparations. Your pressure washer should include instructions and information about the model. Read them over to make sure you have the right washer for the job. Remember that your settings will vary based on whether you’re applying detergent or high-pressure cleaning, as well as by the type of surface you’re cleaning.

Clear the work area by removing outdoor furniture or other obstacles that could cause you to trip or might snag the hoses. Make sure to turn off external electrical outlets and cover them with plastic. Close any nearby doors and windows, and make sure people, plants and pets are out of the way. Once you’ve made these preparations, it’s time to start.

Safely Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure washing can be dangerous if not done correctly. Before getting started, check to see that the surface you’re standing on is stable and gives you good balance and solid footing. Whether or not you think the spray will get in your face, use eye protection. Most pressure washers come with their own safety goggles. If you’re using a gasoline-powered pressure washer, you also need hearing protection.

The most important things to note: never leave a spray gun unattended while the pressure washer is running. You never know what could happen. Never point the spray gun at people, animals or plants, either. If you accidentally spray them, you could do some damage.

How to Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure Washing a Fence

When you pressure wash your house, check that you’re only using detergents intended for pressure washers. Use a low-pressure spray pattern to apply the detergents, starting from the bottom up to avoid streaking. Once you’ve applied the detergent, let it sit for several minutes, but make sure it doesn’t dry.

After you’ve let the detergent sit, disengage the detergent supply from the pressure washer and put it to the side. Select the right spray pattern for the surface you’re cleaning, activate the pressure washer spray and clear the detergent from all surfaces. Start from the top and work downward. Most importantly, remember to keep the spray away from any windows or vents.

When the last of the spray and detergent falls away, take a step back to admire your work. You should have a clean house that sparkles in the sun. Feel free to sit back and relax—you’ve earned it!

If you’d like to rent a pressure washer, One Stop Rental has several great options. Got questions about pressure washing or home improvement projects? Please contact us or reach out via social media.

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