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Over time, your hardwood floors will become scuffed, scratched, marked and more. If you like DIY projects, then this article is for you. One Stop Rental in West Chester, OH, servicing the greater Cincinnati area, can provide you with the tools you need. Read further to learn these simple steps to refinishing your hardwood floors.

Step One – Choose your equipment

Find a rental store, such as One Stop Rental, to get the floor sander you need. Make sure to read up on how to use the sander you choose or you might end up with more damage than you began with. Keep in mind you will need a floor sander and a palm sander for the corners and near baseboards.

Refinish Hardwood Floor

Step Two – Remove the Old Finish

To begin removing the old finish, start with coarse-grit strong enough to get rid of most surface scratches. Avoid using a grit coarser than 60, to prevent damaging the floor or getting too deep. Continue with abrasives that are gradually finer until your floor is smooth. For example; you could start with 60-grit, move to 80 and finish with 100 or 120. Think of the sanding process as mowing the lawn; go row by row, overlapping your runs by half the width of the sander.

Step Three – Dust and Debris

Before starting the project, you will need equipment to protect against dust and debris. Before sanding, make sure to wear a mask, safety glasses and ear plugs. Before you sand your floor, make sure to close all windows, doors and block any open doorways to prevent dust traveling in or out of the room. Then wipe down all the walls after sanding and vacuuming the floor. Wipe down the sanded areas with a tack cloth and be sure to check for any further blemishes.

Step Four – Sealing

A sealing coat is not always needed, but if the floor takes an uneven stain, it will help ensure even coverage. You can test the coat by using an area of the floor that won’t be visible. It is very important to apply the sealer evenly or you might see marks showing through after staining.

Step Five – Apply the stain

You want to apply the stain evenly and over large areas. Try to work smaller areas at a time to ensure your edges don’t dry and create lap marks (stripes on the floor). Oil-based stains are easier to work with than water-based. Thin coats are going to work better than thick, especially if this is your first time. You might want to use a foam roller to apply a thin and even coat of polyurethane with a glassy smooth finish. Use a smaller brush to work the corners. Remember; when doing a DIY project, it is best to spend a lot of time planning how you will execute your project. Start furthest away from the exit door so you don’t trap yourself in a corner after you have applied all the coating. One Stop Rental in West Chester or Liberty/Fairfield Township, OH would like to help you with your next refinish project. If you have questions or need rental equipment, we would be happy to help. Please contact us or reach out via social media.