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Welding is both a skill and an art. Being able to fuse two pieces of metal together requires great power and whether you’re using a rental welder or not, safety always comes first.

Welding can be intimidating, but your basic welder is relatively easy to use to repair a broken weld in a metal fence, chair or table. Simple projects like making a small grill or making hooks using old horseshoes can be rewarding.

Before you start any project, go through a detailed checklist before you throw your first spark.

Tips for Safe Welding

Select a work area. Make sure anything that is flammable is removed. Welding creates sparks, which are tiny pieces of intensely hot metal that can start a fire. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated as the violent welding process produces noxious gases that can be harmful or fatal if concentrated.

Using a welding mask is not an option. Welding without proper eye protection will result in permanent eye damage. The intense ultraviolet radiation emitted during the welding process burns retinas and can lead to blindness. Use thick leather gloves and an apron to protect against heat, sparks and UV radiation.

Make a detailed plan of how you will complete your project. Make sure the items you are welding are secured in the position they are to be welded. If making an item from scratch, lay out the pieces as they fit together. Having a clear plan of attack saves time and materials.

One Stop Rental can provide you with a quality rental welder and the materials you need to complete that job. Our qualified staff can help you select the equipment you need for your next project.

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