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Hardwood floors are one of the most popular features in any home. Quality woods can create distinctive and impressive looks that last for generations. Hardwood floors increase home value. But over a period of years, even hardwoods can lose visual appeal.

hardwood floors loose visual appeal

Wear due to foot traffic, water damage or stains from spills, and discoloration from harsh sunlight can damage the appearance. Other wear might involve scratches from pets or moving furniture, dings from dropped objects, or uneven surfaces due to the settling of older homes. In most cases, hardwood floor refinishing is the right move, provided you have the right tools.

Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Needed?

To assess the condition of your hardwood floors, start with traffic areas that get the most wear in your home and perform the following tests.

Water Test

Pour a spoonful of water onto the floor. If it forms droplets that stay on the surface of the wood, the floor finish is still good. If the water is slowly absorbed into the wood, the finish is worn and needs to be restored. If the water is quickly soaked up into the wood and leaves a darker stain on the surface, there’s no finish left; the wood needs refinishing as soon as possible.

Wipe any remaining water from the floor with a paper towel, and repeat the test on any other areas that look as though they may need refinishing. You may be able to get away with refinishing just the worst areas.

Business Card Test

Find a place where there’s a slight gap between floorboards. Stick a business card or similar paper stock all the way into the crack. Make a mark with pencil along the floor edge. Then remove the card and measure from the edge of the card to the line.
If it’s less than 3/4 inch, the floor is worn or the installed wood is too thin. You might want a professional to do sanding, especially if there are deep scratches or dings in the floor. If there is non-sandable residue, such as old carpet or tile adhesive on the floor, you can use scrapers to remove it.

Check for warped boards, low spots, ugly gaps, bad stains or squeaky spots indicating loose boards. You may have to get a contractor to replace some wood for the floor to look good again.

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