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How to Throw a Carnival Party

Whether it’s for a special someone’s birthday or simply an excuse to party, is there anything more fun or festive than a carnival? This family friendly theme is a perfect way to incorporate games, food and entertainment that all ages can enjoy.

At One Stop Rental in the greater Cincinnati area, we offer party supplies for every occasion as well as tips and tricks here on our blog for a successful event. Check out these ideas for hosting a carnival party that’s sure to be a hit.


Your carnival party invitation is the first place your guests will be introduced to the theme, so try to get them excited! Try out one of these invitation ideas:

  • If you’ll be hand-delivering your invites, try gluing your printed invite to the back of a box of animal crackers.
  • Use cardstock invitations in the shape of admission tickets and have your guests use them to enter the party.
  • Fill your envelopes with colorful confetti (but perhaps give parents a small warning on the back of the envelope).
  • Use red and white striped envelopes and stationery for that big top feel.


Games are one of the most important aspects of a carnival party. Luckily, you can create many of these games on your own and we can supply the rest! Here are some easy games you can create yourself:

  • Ring Toss – set up Coke bottles in a large square formation on a table. Have guests stand behind a line and try to toss small rings over the bottle necks. Whoever has the most successful tosses wins.
  • Stilt Race – take a few pairs of large empty cans and poke two holes in each can. Loop twine through the holes and tie the ends together to create rope handles. Kids can then line up, place their feet on the cans, and use the handles to have a stilt race to the finish line.
  • Football Toss – tie two ropes around a tire and secure one to a sturdy tree branch and the other around the tree trunk. This will help keep the tire from moving. Have guests stand back and try to throw a football through the tire.

You can find many other classic carnival games at One Stop Rental. We have everything from Krazy Kans to Tip-a-Troll, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.


Fun Carnival Foods

As much as we love carnival games, we have to say we love carnival food just as much. Who doesn’t like the smell of funnel cakes and popcorn? Wow your guests with a cotton candy machine, popcorn maker and snow cone station that will make them feel like they’re at a real carnival – but without the expensive concession prices. You can also try your hand at homemade corndogs, caramel apples and other fun handheld treats.

Decorations and Equipment

Most likely, your carnival party will be outdoors. Make sure guests are comfortable if the day is exceptionally hot or cold by providing outdoor fans or heaters. You can also rent a tent and chairs to create a special shaded area where guests can sit and take a break. For decoration, use red and white stripes and rainbow colors for an authentic feel. Balloons, streamers and paper banners are all affordable and festive options for decorating your party.

Ready to throw your big carnival bash? Come visit us at One Stop Rental in West Chester, OH for the supplies you’ll need. Make sure to let us know how your party went on our social accounts! We can’t wait to see what ideas you’ve come up with.