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Creating some pleasant holiday memories doesn’t have to be a major chore. Stressing over all the details of making guest lists, budgeting or selecting a location might do you more harm than good. However, you can put together a respectable holiday entertaining experience without breaking the bank or driving up your blood pressure.

How to De-Stress Your Party

Send An Evite
Parties are easier if you know who’ll be there. Formal invitations are nice but usually unnecessary. Save yourself some time and trouble by composing a fun, friendly email and copying it to a list of possible attendees. Ask for an RSVP; invitees can just respond to the email.

Don’t Aim Too High
You can get quite a few holiday entertaining ideas online, but set yourself some limits. Coming up with decorations, menus and entertainment can be draining. Pick one or two ideas that capture the spirit of your event, and focus on doing them well. You could even just focus on the decorating or a single main dish, and ask guests to bring along some appetizers and beverages of their choice.

Prepared Dishes
One of the most stressful times of holiday entertaining is the last minute rushing around to make sure everything’s ready while you’re also cooking. If you can’t do catering, choose dishes that can be made well in advance, like cookies, or puddings for dessert, breads and dried fruits for aperitifs, and crock pot recipes for the main course.

Make A Cheese Platter
One easy solution for appetizers is the traditional cheese platter. A large serving tray piled up with various kinds of crackers and sliced cheese will please different palates. You can make this well in advance, wrap it up and save it in the fridge until party time. A bowl of nuts, raw veggies or trail mix is also a good idea if you have vegan or non-dairy guests.

Cheese platter for holiday entertaining

Take Time To Relax
To keep from getting stressed, give yourself an occasional break. Allow yourself the luxury to just sit and relax for a few minutes. Try a few simple relaxation techniques. Don’t go back to work until you’ve got a clear head again.

It’s Just A Party
Parties are for having fun, so don’t take it too seriously. Don’t run yourself ragged. People will forgive you if you run out of egg nog or forget the marshmallows. The important thing is getting yourself and everyone else to lighten up and enjoy their time together.

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