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With the beautiful weather that fall brings, what better time is there to throw a block party? Perfect for all ages, with the right planning your block party will be a huge success.

At One Stop Rental in Mason, OH, we have the tents, concession equipment, games and more that you need for a block party your neighbors will rave about. Just follow these guidelines to ensure the day of your block party is smooth sailing.

Enlist the Help of Your Neighbors

Divide Tasks and Planning

If you’d like to avoid pulling your hair out, don’t try to plan your block party alone. Start by asking the neighbors you know well for help and then they can ask the neighbors they know and so on. Once you have enough neighbors to help, split up the tasks of planning activities, coordinating who will make what food, and logistics, such as what cooking equipment is needed, how many tents should be rented, and how many chairs and tables should be supplied.

Pay Attention to Permits

In most cases, you’ll need a permit to throw a block party. Check with your city hall and with any community associations you are a part of to make sure you aren’t breaking any ordinances. Many times there are rules about parking and the acceptable level of noise. Take the time to figure out where everyone can park if the block party is not within walking distance for those who’ve been invited.

Figure Out Food and Catering Equipment Needed

What’s a block party without plenty of food? Rent a grill for cooking hot dogs and hamburgers and have a couple of coolers on hand so there’s plenty of water. Want to really make your block party stand out? Kids and adults will go crazy for classic carnival foods such as popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy, so check out our concession supplies at One Stop Rental. Make sure to organize who will be renting the equipment, who will bring the food that needs to be cooked day-of, and which neighbors can make side dishes and desserts.

Plan Your Activities

Plan Activities for the Block Party

While eating and socializing will take up some time, you’ll need to plan some activities to keep your block party from getting stale. Bounce houses and other inflatable games are the perfect way to keep the kids entertained, while vintage carnival games will be a nostalgic treat for adults. If noise ordinances will allow it, perhaps even hire a band or DJ so everyone can dance.

With these tips under your belt, your block party will be the talk of the town! For all your party supply needs in the greater Cincinnati area, visit us at One Stop Rental. You can also give us a call or talk to us on social about any of the equipment we supply!