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When it comes to seeding your yard, many would argue that the best way to do it is with an overseeder.

Why? Overseeders are a superior form of seeding because they allow you to seed into the ground, rather than at the surface level. When seeds are placed into the ground they are less likely to be eaten or washed away, which can lead to better germination rates, compared to traditional seeding methods.

At One Stop Rental, we want to help the Cincinnati area get growing this spring with a variety of machine rentals, including overseeders. If you’re ready to start the perfection of your lawn, we’ll show you how to start seeding!

Where to Start

Man setting the seed flow rate of an overseeder

To use an overseeder, start by setting the depth using the lever on the side. Be careful not to set it too deep–if the machine stalls once depth is set, you most likely need to decrease the depth.

Next, set how much seed to deliver using the seed flow rate chart and dial on the front of the machine. If you’re seeding the same area in different directions, you can set the seed rate in half since you will be covering the area twice.

Once you’re all set, you can start the engine, cut the choke and turn the throttle.

Next, you toggle the drive control and release the handle to move the machine forward. Squeezing the handle will let you reverse the machine.

Get Seeding

Now, you can engage the blades. Lean the machine back to allow them to fully extend.

Open the seed vent and start moving to get seeding! After you’ve gone a short distance, pause to assess the slice pattern. You can then cover the same area in two directions, with one at a 45 degree angle to the next.

All that is left is to cover your lawn, water the seeds as needed and watch your lawn grow!

Have any questions about overseeding? Check out our instructional YouTube video here or contact us on our website or over social media!

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