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You want to host the best events this summer, right? Of course you do! This summer, don’t throw just any old party—host an event that even Jay Gatsby would envy! You can make any party or event unforgettable with the help of portable speakers. Here’s how you can use speakers at different events—whether you’re hosting a wedding, outdoor movie screening or concert.

Portable Speakers at Weddings

Summer is a popular season for weddings. The warm weather, vacation time and longer daylight hours make summer ideal for uniting happy couples. If you’re getting married or planning a wedding, you might want to rent some portable speakers for the occasion. These speakers are great for amplifying music (from an iPod or a deejay) and playing audio to accompany wedding videos and slideshows. The best part about portable speakers is that you can rent them for the wedding and return them afterward.

Portable Speakers at Outdoor Movie Screenings

In our last blog article, we gave you tips for hosting an outdoor movie screening. After you’ve chosen a movie and set up your projector, you’ll need to find a set of speaker’s to play your movie’s audio. If you rely on your laptop speakers, your guests won’t be able to hear much of the movie. Save your screening by renting some portable speakers to project sound through the crowd.


Portable Speakers at Concerts

Obviously, no real concert is complete without speakers. Our speakers allow you to adjust equalizer settings to account for reverberation, install up to four microphones and adjust each speaker volume independently. You can also get different units to suit the size of your crowd.

No matter what events you have planned for this summer, portable speakers can help you make them unforgettable. If you want to learn how to set up your portable speakers, check out this YouTube video. To rent your own speakers or other party or event equipment, reach out to our team at One Stop Rental. You can contact us using this form or through our social channels.

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