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Who hasn’t wondered what’s buried in their backyard? The easy way to find out is to rent a metal detector.

Renting a metal detector is easy and affordable and could spur a new hobby. Just don’t be surprised if most of what you’ll find is bottle caps and nails at first.

But maybe your sister lost a gold bracelet out there years ago and a few coins must have been lost during pickup football games. The bottom line is who knows what’s out there? Recently, a Canadian man found his father’s wedding ring in the backyard. It was lost for more than 40 years.

A Growing Hobby

Metal detecting has continued to grow thanks to current television reality series and news of rare and expensive finds.

But detectors can be expensive for a decent model and the cheaper ones aren’t as efficient. So before you spend a few hundred dollars, rent one instead. Think of it as a test drive.

Use a Metal Detector for Your Own Treasure Hunt

Start in your backyard. Dig up everything. You’ll probably find all manner of stuff you never knew was there: Toys, buttons, lost tools and more than likely coins. The coins will probably be modern unless you live on an old home site.

If you feel a sense of joy and nostalgia while digging in the dirt uncovering lost items, then you’re likely a burgeoning metal detector fanatic. If not, return the machine, throw away that rusty metal you found and move on.

The Rules of Metal Detecting

Remember that private property is always private even while metal detecting. Always get permission from owners before you start digging up their land. You could get into trouble. Public areas are more forgiving for metal detectors, but certain areas like state and federal lands and historical sites are off limits. Other areas require permits to detect in public spaces.

Most communities have metal detecting clubs which will be happy to teach you the rules of the road for your area.

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