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Selfies have become as ubiquitous as the phones used to make them. Why not get in on the fun with a rental selfie booth for your next event?

A selfie booth is a fun addition to any event. Selfie booths come in several designs. Some have cameras integrated in the booths to take the actual photos. But the most convenient selfie booths are those where the subjects take a selfie using their own cameras.

These types of booths work best with the do-it-yourself aspect of selfie expression. Backdrops for the booths come in a variety of standard styles. But those who want to offer a more personal experience can have custom-made backdrops created.

Wedding receptions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, company events and proms are just a few of the events where a selfie booth would be a hit.

Custom-made backdrops with event messages can be made for public events or for promotional use. Whether you’re trying to give your guests a memento of a special occasion or branding your business, selfie booths can help. The booths work well both inside and out.

We offer booths with your choice of background!

Say Cheese

At One Stop Rental, we offer selfie booths with your choice of background. We offer several party-related backgrounds perfect for your event. The backgrounds are printed on high-quality, non-glare vinyl to dampen flash reflection. The booths also come with black drapes for the sides to block excess outside light.

The booths also come with props including wacky hats and glasses to make the selfies more fun.

One Stop Rental can provide you with a quality selfie booth and all your party needs. Our qualified staff can help you select the equipment you need for your next event.

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