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When the inspiration strikes to get some gardening done, a little grass shouldn’t get in the way. Clearing the grass with a sod cutter is usually the best option for this type of project. Since projects like these don’t occur often, you may want to rent a sod cutter.

Renting is often preferable to purchasing an expensive piece of gardening equipment.

Choosing The Right One
There are numerous types of sod cutting tool options available. Basic sod cutters resemble conventional shovels. They are ideal for removing smaller sections of lawn. A kick-type sod cutting tool has two long handles and is easier to manipulate thanks to integrated rollers and a flat blade. The cutters are adjustable, but they still require manual power and are suited to medium-sized projects.

If you need to remove a larger area of sod, then a gas-powered sod cutter may be necessary. The powerful engine will remove sod in no time.

Sod rolled out over a yard.

Why rent?
Sod cutters are uni-taskers. They are made to do one thing and do it well. Unless you own a landscaping company, most people only need a sod cutter for a day or two. Gas-powered equipment isn’t cheap, so it is always cost prohibitive to buy rather than rent.

Even if you’re launching a new lawn business, you may not need to buy a sod cutter right away. Rent one while you grow your business.

Before you decide to rent a sod cutter, consider how long the project will likely take, how much sod needs to be removed and your level of comfort with gas-powered machinery.

At One Stop Rental, we will walk you through the proper operation of our gas-powered sod cutters before you leave the store.

No matter what your rental question, One Stop Rental has your answer. We are a full-service rental store carrying a wide selection of tools and equipment. For information about our products and services, feel free to contact us today.