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For anyone throwing an outdoor party – ranging from a backyard birthday party to an outdoor tent wedding – outdoor heaters are an essential item. Powered by propane, kerosene, or electricity, these appliances will keep your guests cozy and comfortable so that the party can go as late as you please!

Some types of portable heaters include forced air heaters, radiant heat panel heaters, and patio heaters (the type of heater you often see in outdoor seating areas of restaurants).

One Stop Rental rents out a variety of outdoor heaters and related supplies, which you can find on our website. As follows is an overview of the heaters and accessories we offer.

As far as the heaters themselves, we offer many different types and models:

  • Heater, 1.5m Btu Propane Forced Air
  • Heater, 125k Btu Kerosene Forced Air
  • Heater, 150k Btu Kerosene Forced Air
  • Heater, 150k Btu Propane Convection
  • Heater, 150k Btu Propane Forced Air
  • Heater, 175k Btu Propane Tent
  • Heater, 200k Btu Kerosene Forced Air Indirect
  • Heater, 200k Btu Propane Forced Air Indirect
  • Heater, 250k Btu Propane Top Hat
  • Heater, 350k Btu Propane Forced Air
  • Heater, 35k Btu Propane Forced Air
  • Heater, 35k Btu Propane Radiant
  • Heater, 400k Btu Propane Forced Air
  • Heater, 40k Btu Propane Patio
  • Heater, 50k Btu Kerosene Forced Air
  • Heater, Electric 1875 Watt

We also rent various heater accessories:

  • Coupler with Pigtail (used to couple multiple propane tanks together)
  • Hose, 1 1/4″ X 25′ Lp
  • Hose, 1 1/4″ X 50′ Lp
  • Hose, 1/2″ X 50′ Lp
  • Hose, 3/4″ X 50′ Lp
  • Hose, 3/8″ X 30′ Lp
  • Thermostat

Depending on what you are using the heater for, you may also require dehumidifiers and fans, which One Stop Rental stocks as well. All of our heating supplies can be rented out for the day, week, or month. If you’re not sure which type of heater you need or which accessories you should rent along with it, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you figure it all out.