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Summer is a popular season for weddings, and for good reason—the warm air, chirp of cicadas in the background and carefree attitudes of guests add a delightful atmosphere to the festivities. If you’re thinking of having an outdoor wedding or wedding reception, our team at One Stop Rental wants to help you make it great. Keep reading to learn about a few lighting options that will make your special day more memorable.


When you’re looking for lighting options, think The Phantom of the Opera. Candles in all their forms are perfect—floating, hanging, in glass globes and mason jars or powered by batteries. Add a soft, romantic glow to your wedding festivities with wax, soy or battery-powered candles.


Outdoor Lighting for Summer Weddings

Another nod to Phantom, chandeliers enhance the elegance of whatever space they’re placed in. Modern chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials—the possibilities are endless! Our nifty globe chandelier is available for you to rent for your wedding.


Whether you’re looking for a rustic vibe or hint of vintage flair, lanterns make great lighting options for outdoor weddings. Like chandeliers, you have plenty of choices, such as glass or paper and round or rectangular.

Edison Light Bulbs

The humble light bulb hasn’t changed much since Thomas Edison invented it. Go industrial for your wedding by hanging a bunch of these light bulbs from the ceiling. They’ll create a warm ambiance without too much fuss.

String Lights

String lights, or fairy lights as they’re sometimes called, can be strung up almost anywhere. They’re most commonly found in spherical form, but they can also take the shape of hearts, flowers and even flamingoes. Our globe lights make a great addition to any outdoor wedding.

What kind of lighting do you like for outdoor weddings? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you have questions about party rentals, or renting lights for your wedding, you can contact us or reach out via social media.

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