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An outdoor movie night rental package lets you throw the ultimate backyard party. An outdoor movie is a perfect way to enjoy the warm summer nights.

The One Stop Rental outdoor movie night rental package includes an inflatable screen, projector and high-quality sound system.

The 7.7-foot by 10-foot inflatable screen comes with its own fan to keep the screen perfectly inflated. The 3,500-lumens projector is bright enough to watch a movie even before the sun is fully set. With a Fender sound system, the audio experience will impress.

Scattered popcorn ready for movie night.

Make It A Memorable Movie Night

Don’t forget to include other movie night favorites. Here are a few tips to make your movie night fun and memorable.

  • Set Up a Popcorn Stand: Use a home popper or rent a popcorn machine to make a fresh batch of the tasty snack. Don’t forget to get plenty of popcorn kernels and bags to give your guests an authentic experience. Include different toppings from popcorn salt to red pepper powder.
  • Break Out the Grill: Serve up hamburgers and hot dogs. They are easy and tasty. Don’t forget to include all the usual fixings and offer a few unconventional ones like pineapple or potato chips.
  • Candy and Soda: Set out an assortment of movie candies from gummies to licorice. Have plenty of ice cold soda ready for your thirsty guests.
  • Hand Out Tickets: Use felt tickets and have a ticket taker stationed to collect them before the show begins.

Let One Stop Rental help you create an unforgettable movie night. We carry an extensive selection of party supplies for all occasions.

No matter what your rental needs, One Stop Rental has what you seek. For information about our products and services, feel free to contact us today.