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If you have a piece of overgrown land, you know how daunting it may seem to get through the mass of tangled, thorny weeds. The solution: Rent a brush cutter and make the job a snap.

Think of a brush cutter as a lawn mower on steroids. While your trusty lawnmower can chop through lawn grass with ease, it’s no match for gnarly weeds, small saplings and woody bushes. It’s just not made for the job. Anyone who has let their grass grow for a few weeks knows firsthand how thick grass can bog down a walk-behind lawn mower.

Anatomy Of A Brush Cutter

A brush cutter, in contrast, has a bigger engine, bigger wheels and a heavy duty blade made for herbaceous decapitation. The machine is made to tackle tough vegetation, not lawn grass.

The frame is also tougher and allows you to cut a path through even the most weed-choked land. The knobby tires provide ample grip to power your way through the thickest of the brush.

Brush cutters are made to tackle tough vegetation.

Brush cutters can take out weeds as high as 8 feet tall. Vines are chewed up with little mercy and saplings as thick as 3 inches in diameter are history. The rule of thumb when using a brush cutter is if the machine can bend the vegetation over, it can take it out.

Take care when operating a brush cutter. The powerful engine may be more than you’re used to at first, but with a little practice, it becomes second nature. Always wear protective eyewear, tough shoes or work boots and long pants.

Unless you want to start a land clearing business, rent a brush cutter to reclaim that overgrown section of the property. One Stop Rental carries an extensive selection of lawn and garden equipment, including brush cutters.

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