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While birthday, engagement, anniversary and holiday parties are all well and good, who says there absolutely must be an occasion for a party? Perhaps you just want to celebrate Thursday for Thursday’s sake!

At One Stop Rental in West Chester and Liberty/Fairfield County, we have a fantastic selection of party rentals for your next big bash. But if you still need a little help with a party theme for any occasion, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Lights, Camera, Movie Party

Movie party

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Whether you choose a classic film or one that’s just been released, a movie showing is a great excuse for a get-together. Don’t worry if you don’t have the luxury of a home theater, just fill the room with comfortable cushions and let your guests settle in. Worried your television isn’t large enough? You can always rent a projector and screen to ensure that everyone will be able to see. For a particularly large movie party, you could also consider renting an outdoor inflatable screen (plus this keeps any mess from your guests outside). Make sure to provide plenty of movie refreshments like soda, bottled water, candy and freshly popped pop corn.

Bonfire Campout Party

With cool fall weather approaching, it’s time to think of more outdoor events. A bonfire is the perfect reason for a get-together, no holiday needed. Consider a camping theme at your next bonfire, equipped with all the fun activities of camping but minus the hassle of sleeping in a tent. Set up blankets or chairs around the bonfire and make sure everyone has a roasting stick for s’mores. Put hot cocoa in a carafe for chilly nights and your guests will surely be pleased.

Take a Gamble on This Party

Casino Party

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Fan of Vegas but not a fan of losing money? Aren’t we all? Try throwing a casino party instead. Instead of using money, award the guests with the highest chip counts prizes at the end. Set up tables with classic card games like Texas Hold Em’ and Black Jack. If kids will be there, consider a Go Fish table set up just for them. Some fun treats to consider are brownies decorated like dominos or poker chip cookies. And don’t forget the cocktail bar!

Sunday Brunch Party          

For the delicious appeal of a dinner party without the fuss of five courses, throw a brunch party instead! Brunch foods like eggs, French toast and finger sandwiches can be served buffet style in chafing dishes or on platters. You can also create a mimosa bar with different juice choices for those who want something other than orange juice. This kind of party is all about food, friends and relaxing, so sit back and enjoy the conversation.

We hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for your next party, even if you’re celebrating just because. For your party rental needs, visit us at One Stop Rental at either of our two Ohio locations or give us a call. We’re ready to help!