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Summer is ending and fall is quickly approaching. While you probably think of the spring and summer months as the peak time to complete yard work, there are actually lots of projects you can finish in the fall that will benefit your lawn when the warmer months roll back around.

Use September to seed your lawn so it grows in thick for next season. This is also a good time to fertilize your lawn.

If you’ve got a garden, cut back on plants that are out of season, such as perennials and vegetables. Use what you cut to start a compost pile.  Feel free to replace any summer bloomers with mums, asters, pansies, or flowering cabbage that will bloom in the fall.

You can also plant bulbs that will bloom in the spring, such as daffodil, crocus, hyacinth, and tulip.

Once the leaves start to fall, it’s important not to let them smother your yard. Rake and pickup leaves no more than four days after they’ve fallen. Got a big yard with lots of leafy trees? Consider investing in some equipment that will get the job done faster, such as a leaf blower.

It’s a good idea to shred your leaves or use your lawn mower to break them down and use as mulch for your garden and landscaping.

Fall is also a good time to plant trees or shrubs, because the roots will start to grow in early spring.

Go ahead an put your lawn furniture away. You don’t want any fall or winter weather to damage it.

Once your fall projects come to a close, clean all of your lawn and garden tools so they’ll be clean and free of rust come springtime. Done mowing for the year? Complete your mower maintenance and stow the mower.

And lastly, if you’re getting on a ladder to hang holiday lights this year, check your gutters and clear them of any debris before winter hits.