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Whether you’re planning a college or a high school graduation celebration, you want it to reflect such a great accomplishment.

Start by deciding what type of party you’re going to plan. Will it be an open house with a few or a few White All Purpose Canopyhundred people? What time of day are you planning on hosting the party? Will it be during the week or on the weekend?

You might consider making the party a joint event if the graduate has several friends or family members graduating at the same time—this would save on expenses, aside from being a fun event.

Next, consider where you want to host the party. Will it be at your home or someone else’s? Indoors or outdoors? Will you rent a facility to host it at a public place?

Start thinking about the details, such as the food, music, and seating options. Stick to what you enjoy. If you hate cooking, look into caterers instead of making yourself cook for a bunch of people. Don’t like the look of your living room? Host it on the back deck instead.

If you host an outdoor party, consider renting a tent. This will shade your guests from the sun, and in some cases, rain. It will also provide a nice atmosphere for your guests.

When you plan food, remember that it’s not a meal. Finger foods are always a good choice. Food on a stick is also easy to eat and fun; think kabobs or grilled chicken.

It’s important to think about the decor, too. You’ll want to include pictures of the graduate (although not too many) and have a place where people can sign in and/or leave written messages for him or her.

Finally, how are you going to invite people? It’s much more acceptable to send Facebook or e-vites these days, which would save on paper and postage.